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My Friend’s Scolding

It had been very late after I went out of the bar and was very hard to take a taxi. The wind blew very heavily and I stood in the cold night. I felt I was miserable at that moment and how I had such a tragic end. I could not bear the coldness anymore and then called my best friend Sarah, who worked in a brushless dc motors factory. A lazy voice answered from the other side of the telephone. I knew that she had gone to bed, but I was helpless and turned for her help. I told her my situation and where I was. Then her voice became loud. She hung the phone quickly and arrived with her Heinzmann hub motor electric car thirty minutes later. She reproached me, saying that I was useless and that he, my ex-husband was living a happy life and while I was reduced to drink sadly in the bar and even wanted to die. She asked me to go on the electric e bike and then she sent me home. She began nagging after we got home and asked me to pull myself together.

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Looking for a Job and the Interviews

I was scolded by my best friend Sarah and awoke that night. She was right saying that I was useless and could do nothing except drinking beer and asking her to help me in the midnight. I was stabbed by what she said, but I knew that she was good for me, so I decided to go to find a job the next morning. I got up very early and went on my motorized bike to go to the talent market in the city center. I delivered many pieces of resumes down there. Several employers called me and asked me to go to have interviews the next day. I still rode the brushless ac motor electric car and went to have interviews in one company after another. Most of the companies raised many questions which I could not answer at all, such as why I had divorced and if I remarried and then gave birth to a baby, was there any affect to the company and so on so forth. I refused answering those questions and left with my gas powered bicycle directly. I thought those questions were very private and I had no way to answer them. I told myself that I could not be discouraged after I failed in the interviews.

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The Question of Giving Birth to a Baby

After my father got home with my mother that night, my father was not happy and restless. He tossed and turned on the bed and could not fall asleep. He told my mother that it was high time for my brother and my sister-in-law to give birth to a baby and so that he would not need to ride the electric bike and went to my house every day to play with my lovely little son. He wanted to go to repeat the same question to my brother and my sister-in-law at that moment, but my mother did not allow him going, because it had been very late and their children had been tired in the electric brushless motors factory. She asked him to tell them the next morning if he really wanted to do that. the next morning, when my brother was going to his garden with the motorized bicycle, my father reproached him once again, saying that the career was of course important, but they could not delay giving birth to a baby, because he and his mother had gotten older and older day by day, and they was anxious to hug a grandson.

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My Husband’s Change

After the woman in the park left there angrily, my husband explained to me that it was not that he still loved me, but he felt I was pity; after all, he had lived with me for three years and left me without saying a word several months ago. I told him that I did not hate him at all and what I said just now was a fit of anger. He stood beside my electric e bike and said nothing. I apologized to him, but he said that it was unnecessary. After a long silence, he said that he did not love me anymore and had found another one. He said nothing and then left the park. I squatted beside the dc brushless fan motor electric car and began to crying after he left. He was so cruel to me and I could not accept the fact anyway. I cried so loudly that a man in a motorized bicycles shop opposite to the park saw me and looked at me with his strange eyes. I thought my husband had encountered significant changes that led him leaving me. I had never thought he had fallen in love with another woman.

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The Little Baby and His Grandfather

I was born in a village, which had more than fifty households. There were many young people, who had gotten married for not a long time in the village, but some of them did not want to give birth to babies because of their careers in the brushless dc motors factories and some of them were unable to conceive. One day, a woman of our village gave birth to a little boy finally. Her father was very happy and often hugged him and showed off him to all the villagers after he was over one hundred days. He rode hisdc variable speed motor electric car and went to her daughter’s house every day, in order look at his grandson and hugged him and then wandered in the village to let other villagers admiring him. He often went home and played with the little baby very late at night. Her daughter always asked him to ride the electric bike bicycle and went home early, but did not listen to what she said and continued playing with her son when he had gone to bed. Her daughter was a little impatient.

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